The availability of a home service spa Quezon City, by the name of Pamper Patrol Spa, has given countless people the chance to experience pampering, relaxation, and indulgence in the comfort of their homes. If many were not able to give in to their need for spa services before due to tight work and family schedules, exhaustion after work, or even just because of laziness to head over to a spa center, now, anyone can have the best services offered by Pamper Patrol Spa.

From relaxing and therapeutic massage service Quezon City, to complete foot spa services and, now, beauty treatments like hair removal, the services of Pamper Patrol Spa are extensive. And you only have to schedule your treatment to experience these and reap their benefits.

If many people have already undergone their first massage at home near me and are quite familiar with it, it is the hair removal treatment, specifically, eyebrow threading that most people are not familiar with. So, in this article, let us learn about this service from your favorite spa center, Pamper Patrol Spa.

Eyebrow Threading

Many raise their eyebrows to the thought of eyebrow threading, especially when you don’t know what to expect of it. And most are afraid of it because they believe it will hurt quite a lot.

But since perfect eyebrows are the hype today, everyone is willing to know about eyebrow threading. So, here is what one would expect when they go on their first ever eyebrow threading session.

  1. Expect tolerable pain during the treatment. However, the degree of pain would depend on your tolerance, the skills of the therapist and even the time of the month. Think of tweezing multiple hairs at once.
  2. Your eyelids will be pulled at opposing directions to make the skin taut and easy to work on. So don’t wear a lot of makeup during your treatment.
  3. There may be uncontrollable side effects, caused by the sensitivity of your eyes and face, such as sneezing and eye-watering.
  4. The therapist may go to work immediately, not asking about your shape preferences. Always specify what you want and be open to their advice.
  5. When offered aloe vera gel, take advantage of it. It helps soothe and cool your skin.
  6. You will experience redness on your lids and brows that will last for at least an hour.

After the session, you will feel like you have the best brows of your life. But you might want to get a home massage QC to make the pain go away.

Now, that you know what to expect, schedule your home service threading with Pamper Patrol Spa and get those perfect brows!