Everyone goes to a spa salon for nail pampering once in a while. But sometimes, because of a packed schedule or exhaustion or any other reason, people cannot go and enjoy the indulgence they deserve. Because of this, having the manicure and pedicure home service treatments offered by Pamper Patrol Spa is a welcome opportunity to experience such pampering.

But before scheduling your nail care treatments from a home service spa in Project 5 Quezon City, you should know what to expect, as well as what to do to make the experience go smoothly.

Generally, a home service manicure and pedicure is the same as the ones you experience at a spa. The only difference? The environment.

Getting the services of Pamper Patrol Spa, your home service spa Quezon City, means you enjoy the treatment at home, where you are most comfortable at, at the best time you want to have it. The therapist will bring everything you will need for the treatment. You only have to prepare a space where you want it done and tell your family members, if you have other people at home, not to disturb your session.

Be aware of the different types of nail treatment that you can have for your manicure and pedicure and make sure you inform your therapist the kind that you want to have. This will ensure that your nail technician brings everything that is needed.

And here are the types of manicure and pedicure that you can choose from for your home service nail treatment.

  • Regular or Basic Manicure and Pedicure. This is the most basic nail care treatment that aims to clean the nails and hands, remove dead skin cells and moisturize. The treatment ends with an application of a regular nail polish.
  • French Manicure and Pedicure. This is similar to the basic nail treatment but involves the classic nail polish look of clear white or pale pink with white nail polish on the tips.
  • Gel Manicure and Pedicure. This is one of the newest techniques used in manicures and pedicures. It involves a gel polish after a treatment similar to the basic manicure and pedicure.

You can ask your nail technician for other options that they may have. Or what other treatment you can add to your nail service. Pamper Patrol Spa offers other body treatments, with the home massage QC being one of their most recommended ones.

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