A home service massage Fairview may seem innocent, relaxing and helpful, and may be the perfect body treatment for tired, aching bodies. But while it has little to no side effects and has numerous health benefits, a highly trained massage therapist, like the ones at Pamper Patrol Spa, knows when not to give a massage and are very careful of certain body parts that should not be manipulated or should only be touched gently.

There are indeed contraindications even to the very therapeutic massage procedure. And the best mobile massage Fairview utilizes strict and proper screening of clients so that harm and serious conditions can be avoided during and after a massage. Pamper Patrol Spa therapists know this very well.

So, if you are planning to have a massage soon, know these special precautions first and find out whether you are fit for such a body treatment or not.

Massage Special Precautions

Massage has many health benefits, this is a fact that cannot be denied. Even scientists can attest to its positive effect to the body and mind. However, certain precautions should be remembered before subjecting yourself to this procedure.

  • General Precautions

– Vigorous strokes are contraindicated for people with bleeding disorders and those taking   blood thinning drugs.

– Massage should never be done on areas of the body with blood clots, fractures, wounds, and skin infections.

– Cancer patients should always consult their doctors before getting a massage.

– Pregnant women should also consult their doctors before a massage and should only get one from a trained therapist.

In addition to contraindications and precautions, there are endangerment sites that massage therapists should be aware of and avoid massaging deeply since nerves and blood vessels are found in such areas.

  • Which Body Areas Should be Avoided?

– Front of the neck

– Side of the neck

– Ear notch

– Eyeball

– Armpit

– Upper inner arm

– The funny bone

– Abdomen

– Lower back

– Groin

– Popliteal are

You should always ask yourself, “am I fit to get a mobile massage service Fairview Quezon City now?” before scheduling your session. Because there are definitely times when you should not subject yourself to such body treatment. Instead of gaining the benefits, you might just make things worse for yourself and might even receive injury if you do.

And only get your massage from highly skilled professional massage therapists at Pamper Patrol Spa. They are adept and very knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of massage and will conduct strict screening to know if you are safe to receive the treatment.

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