Massage is not just for adults. Children benefit from touch therapy as well. And even infants have so much to reap from this wellness and therapeutic practice. But how can you guarantee that the massage you give your baby is what he needs and that it provides benefits instead of making things worse? It is time you get answers from experts and from the best massage therapists from your home service spa Quezon City.

Home service massage Quezon City is gaining a lot of interest and is actually becoming quite in demand with working people as it is the most accessible form of relaxation they can easily get. If massage has always been provided in spa centers,  where people choose not to be inconvenienced just to get there, they opt not to have the massage instead.

Fortunately, with the mobile spas, now everyone can get their dose of wellness and relaxation without stepping out of their homes. Home service massage and other spa services can be done right where clients are most comfortable at. And Pamper Patrol Spa is one of the most sought after home massage service Quezon City.

Although busy working people are the most common clients of home service massages, pregnant women and children can also enjoy this wellness treatment. And it can be quite advantageous to babies as well.

And here are some of the tips that massage experts give when it comes to massaging infants.

  • Do not massage your baby right after feeding or when she is sleepy.
  • Start the massage with the “hello” stroke where you touch your baby from the head to the toes.
  • Massage the tummy with your fingertips in a circular motion.
  • Do the “I Love U” stroke where you trace the letter “I” on your baby’s left side. Then trace an inverted letter “L” across the belly and an inverted “U” from your baby’s right side, around the navel and down the left side.

There are so many techniques that you can use in massaging your baby. And this does not only bring a lot of good for her but also makes your bond stronger.

However, before starting any massage on your infant, let your doctor know so you are aware of any contraindications. And make sure you only learn from experts and have a trained massage therapist home service on your first baby massage.

Get advice and contact the best home service spa today, Pamper Patrol Spa.