Today’s modern society, no matter how easy and comfortable advanced technology has made it to be, is still full of countless stressors that make most people seek the ultimate wellness treatment, and this includes a home massage QC. In fact, home massages top the list of wellness services that are in demand today.

And it is just fortunate for busy bodies that a home service spa Quezon City, by the name of Pamper Patrol Spa, is now available in the metro to provide the sought after services for relaxation and beauty that many just can not sneak into their schedules. With the home service treatments, everybody gets a dose of wellness that they were not able to before.

Now, if you are new to this, let us explore the different wellness and beauty services that Pamper Patrol Spa offers.

Pamper Patrol Spa Treatments

Being one of the first and best spas that offer 24 hour home service massage Quezon City, Pamper Patrol Spa aims to provide first-class service, whether in your homes or at their spa center.

You can enjoy wellness treatments, pampering and other beauty services without the hassle of commuting to a different location. You can have it at the comfort of your home instead, which is quite advantageous for those with hectic schedules.

Here are some of the home treatment services that are available at Pamper Patrol Spa.

  • Home Service Massage. From Swedish massage to the traditional hilot, you can achieve stress-relief and the ultimate
    relaxation. Massages also have numerous benefits depending on the type you get.
  • Body Scrub. If you want to reinvigorate, detoxify and keep your sin healthy and smooth, this is the treatment you need. You can choose from the creamy apricot or the Moroccan sea salt scrub.
  • Ear Candling. This alternative medicine practice is known to improve general health and well-being.
  • Manicure and Pedicure. You can also get a much needed mani pedi home service that will buff and polish tension from your nails and make them healthier and more beautiful
  • Foot Spa. A foot spa is the ultimate calming therapy for exhausted feet after a long day at work.

You can set an appointment for any of these services at Pamper Patrol Spa and enjoy your chosen treatment right at home. Also check out Pamper Patrol Spa for other service they have available now.