You may have heard of a situation or two involving a home service massage Tandang Sora or even a massage at a spa center where the client ended up getting hurt, or worse, dead.

How does a supposedly relaxing wellness treatment lead to disastrous results?

Getting the Harm Instead of the Good

When it comes to massages, just like everything else, there are considerations that everyone should know and keep in mind. You can’t just get a massage anytime you like, or without knowing the do’s and don’t’s of this helpful body treatment. Because when you do and just jump into it, you may end up receiving the negative effects instead of reaping the benefits of a home service massage Commonwealth Quezon City.

You should know that massages are holistically therapeutic. Meaning, these treatments provide so many positive effects physically, emotionally and mentally. And those unfortunate experiences that some people have had with it are just very rare and might have only happened because of improper or incomplete screening of clients, or because of incompetent massage therapists.

But, just what are the things you should keep in mind when getting a massage?

Special Considerations

When you are planning to get a massage, especially when it is your first time to do so, here are some special precautions and contraindications that you should know and remember.

  • Bleeding disorders, blood-thinning medications, low platelet count: no vigorous or deep massage.
  • Never get a massage when you have a blood clot, fracture, weak bones (including osteoporosis), aneurysm or recent surgery.
  • Don’t massage areas with skin infections or wounds.
  • Cancer patients and pregnant women should get clearance from their doctors before getting a massage.
  • Generally, infectious or contagious diseases, and other acute conditions including unstable hypertension and significant fever, are contraindications of a massage.

These conditions cannot be identified easily by your massage therapist, which is why thorough screening should be done on each client in order to avoid harming them or having your mobile massage service Fairview Quezon City resulting to dangerous situations.

Just like the case of the man who dropped dead in the middle of his Thai Massage. After the incident, it was revealed that he actually had an aneurysm and it ruptured during the massage.

This is a very rare case which showed just how risky a massage is for people with certain diseases. And it is something that should not have happened in the first place if proper interview and screening was done and if the client cooperated and answered questions honestly.

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