With rising stress at work and home, people turn to the spa and home massage therapies as a way to relieve the tension. It’s a better alternative to popping anti-anxiety pills. More so in Quezon city as stress levels increased as the city became more urbanized the past few decades. However, between the two types of therapy which one would suit a constituent of Kyuss? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Therapeutic Massage at a Glance

A massage is the manipulation of the body through a series and sequence of stretches, applied pressure and poses. It can be done dry or with the use of aromatic oils known for their beneficial effects. There are many techniques used by spas and therapists.

Massage Techniques

  1. Shiatsu massage
  2. Swedish massage
  3. Thai massage
  4. Deep tissue / Sports massage
  5. Reflexology
  6. Hot Stone
  7. Aromatherapy massage
  8. Ventosa / Bentosa
  9. Hand and foot massage

Other spas in Quezon city might offer a combination of one or two or an entirely unique form of massage as their specialty.

Home Service or Spa Massage?

The question now is whether you prefer to have your massage in a spa or in your home. There are many benefits and disadvantages and it all depends on your preferences.

Spa Massage Benefits and Disadvantages

Having your therapy session in a spa has a lot of perks. You can find a 24-hour spa in Quezon City that will offer your favorite massage.

1. Soothing Environment

As you enter the spa, you will be greeted by a nice scent that is often the signature aromatic oil of the spa. Gentle music will permeate the area and the dim lights will help ease your tension almost immediately.

2. Choice of Therapist

If you don’t like your current therapist, you can always request a new one. Maybe even upgrade to a four-hand massage for a better experience.

3. Upgrades

Talking about upgrades, in a spa, you get the option of choosing from several upgrades while you’re in session. Feeling tension on your back? Get a hot stone massage. How about drawing out toxins with Ventosa? You have a wider array of choices and you also get freebies like hot lemon tea after a massage.

Disadvantages of Spa Massages

1. Cleanliness

A germophobe might have problems with the spa cleanliness. Sometimes the dim light and fragrant oil are there to mask the dirt and stains.

2. Traffic

Quezon city is no stranger to traffic. Going to a spa poses no problems as you get to relax once you get inside. However, the traffic going back home might dissipate the sense of relaxation you got from your session. That’s not counting parking problems.

3. Privacy

In a spa full of people, you might not want to doze off and snore away. Some people also don’t like being half-naked with only curtains separating them from others.

Home Service

As the name implies, it’s a therapy session in your own home or in some cases, hotels. Also known as mobile massage, Fairview Quezon has spas offering various home or hotel massage packages. People get home service for the following reasons:

  1. Comfort and being able to sleep in their own bed after.
  2. Cleanliness of their own sheets and bed.
  3. Convenience without the traffic.
  4. Privacy in their own home.
  5. Disadvantages of Home Service

These are the disadvantages of home massage that can happen during a session in your home.

  • Safety issues especially if you get a freelance masseur.
  • No chance of upgrades with cupping/Ventosa unless if you stated it before booking.
  • Your sheets might be stained by the oils used.
  • Issues with pilferage and other dangers associated with unknown therapists.

A Good Spa in Quezon City

A good spa should be able to offer you both services at your convenience. For home service massage, the spa should have a vetted licensed therapist for your safety. One such spa specializes in both; Pamper Patrol Spa has been providing quality therapy sessions for in-spa and at-home services. Check out their website to see other packages they have such as their very own SPArties. Therapy sessions can be booked for several guests. Great for slumber parties or treating your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids to a relaxing therapy session before the wedding.