In order to manage stress, as a student, you have to try the following:

1. Plan how you’re going to use your time.

It is very easy for any student to be in a stressful situation because of cramming, which is a result of poor time management. To avoid this, plan what activities or projects you need to do at a certain time. You have to have a calendar of events, or an organizer to take note of due dates, exam dates, and so on.

2. Set realistic goals.

Failure is part of everything you do, and it’s something you should be ready for. But then again, you can avoid failure if you set your goals and take steps to achieve those goals. In setting your goals, be sure they are realistic and attainable. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up to fail.

3. Have time for leisure activities and exercise.

After completing a test or a project, give yourself time to unwind and relax by enjoying some hobbies. If you enjoy going to concerts, for instance, then reward yourself with one. Doing some sports is a great option, too. What’s important is you have quality time for yourself and your loved ones as well.

4. Get enough sleep.

Try to avoid staying up too late consistently as this could lead to more serious problems in your health. An average of eight hours of sleep is ideal for optimum brain function. If it is unavoidable to have long nights, make sure you compensate for your lost sleep later.

5. Eat healthily.

What you eat has a great effect on your physical and mental condition. Try to avoid heavily processed foods as they are proven to bring stress-related substances to your body. Instead, go for more fruits and greens.

Being a student is no easy job, but your college life can be easy and enjoyable if you know how to keep the balance. What’s important is for you to pay attention to the needs of your body – physically, emotionally and mentally. Getting a home massage service when from Pamper Patrol when you’re in the Quezon City area, and on a regular basis would also give you the relaxation that you need, too!