Home massage Quezon City benefits the elderly as much as it does their younger counterparts. However, with the difference in body structure, needs and considerations, the techniques used should be suited specifically for them. Because of this, family members should know what techniques to use on their elders and which home service massage center to call when they need their dose of therapeutic relaxation.

Pamper Patrol Spa is your home service spa in Project 5 Quezon City that can help give your senior loved ones the massage that is appropriate and will deliver the benefits that their bodies need. They are the ones you should call when you want the significant people in your life to reap the benefits of this wellness service.

While massage is very popular to younger generations, the aged do not seem to care for it so much. It is because of lack of awareness and knowledge on the techniques to use on the elderly that geriatric massage is not so common today.

But with the interest that home service massage Quezon City is receiving today, people of all ages want to get a taste of it and experience the benefits that it provides.

And when it is the elderly that wants to have a body massage, these key points should be considered.

  • Massage for the elderly involves using gentle movement of the hands with the aim of providing relaxation and comfort to the body and mind.
  • It also works on specific areas within the body using light pressure and stroking, stretching and kneading motions.
  • Gentle massaging movements are sometimes combined with strong pressure to give the body increased flexibility.
  • These techniques should be safe and must not put pressure on the muscles and tissues more than they could sustain.
  • Generally, the massage should last for only 20 or 30 minutes so as not to overwork the muscles and tissues of the aged client.

These are the things involved when massaging the elderly.

And as long as your massage therapist home service is trained and highly skilled with the right knowledge, like the ones at Pamper Patrol Spa, your senior family members will reap the benefits of this wellness service properly.

Don’t hesitate in giving the best to your loved ones, whether they’re old or young. Visit Pamper Patrol Spa to know which type of massage is best for them.