Home service massage Tandang Sora is quickly becoming a top wellness and relaxation service in Quezon City. The fast-paced life that is the trend in the metro city of Quezon, along with the busy jobs that its population leads, has made massages and other spa treatments quite sought-after.

However, many people are not able to experience these services that they crave. The lack of time plus exhaustion after a long, hard day at work prevents people from seeking refuge in spa centers. The commute to these places of relaxation and pampering, not to mention the different stressors one may encounter along the way, is definitely discouraging.

But now that the home service massage Sauyo is already available, where people can just schedule a wellness treatment and wait for it comfortably at their homes, people are experiencing what they have been missing. And they are quite grateful.

For those who have yet to experience home service spa, here are the top treatments that people choose.

Massage. The body massage is definitely a top service that home service spas offer. And it is actually the number one treatment that customers ask for. From the traditional hilot, Swedish and Thai massage to the unique Ventosa massage, the variety of home service massage Congressional techniques available are numerous. And you can ask advise on the type that is suited for you, especially if it is your first time to get a massage.

Body scrub. Scrub treatments are pampering at its best. These treatments that deeply cleanse and revitalize the skin get rid of the dryness and dullness that your skin ultimately gets from daily toils. With these treatments, such as the Creamy Apricot scrub and Moroccan Sea Salt scrub, your skin will radiate with health and softness.

Foot spa. The feet bears the brunt of everyday living, but is actually the most neglected part of our body. They could do with some loving and pampering from time to time. And the foot spa is the perfect treatment for our tired feet. It not only calms the soreness, but also makes your feet healthier through cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization.

There are many other wellness and pampering treatments that home service massage Visayas Avenue offer, but the above are the ones that most people ask for. And at Pamper Patrol Spa, packages that make you experience the best spa treatments are available at a much affordable price.

You can check out Pamper Patrol Spa now and finally experience the best spa services in town.