Pamper Patrol Spa’s home service massage Tandang Sora makes relaxation easily achieved and more convenient. And this is what people need in their busy and hectic life in Quezon City.

Moreover, living in one of the metro cities of the Philippines makes you miss the traditional ways of the province. One of which is the traditional hilot. With all the modern amenities in spas and developments in massage techniques, you would want to go back and experience the old fashioned Philippine massage.

Fortunately, Pamper Patrol Spa is ready to bring it to you with their home service massage Quezon City, right at your doorstep.

But, let’s learn about this favorite Philippine massage first.

Philippine Hilot

Just like how massages in ancient times were regarded as healing methods, the hilot is the Philippines’ traditional way of healing through touch. Its exact history is quite uncertain and its explanation more mysterious, with the manghihilot saying his healing powers come from spirits and the like.

A hilot works based on the belief that the body is made up of four elements: air, water, earth and fire. These elements should be in harmony in order to achieve balance within the body. If not, disease and sickness arise.

Unfortunately, with lack of science and explanation, the hilot today raises eyebrows. But with people still going back to the manghihilot for relief of ailments and undeniably recovering, the benefits of this traditional healing method cannot be disregarded.

Benefits of Hilot

By pressing specific pressure points, the manghihilot achieves balance in the patient’s body. He also makes use of positioning techniques and medicinal herbs for certain problems.

These healing style is beneficial for certain aches and conditions such as:

  • Body malaise
  • Childhood illnesses like cough, colds and fever
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Sprains and fractures

The manghihilot is also often consulted for certain tradition beliefs like exorcism and fortune telling.

While the hilot is a more conventional massage type, it has also been influenced by modern techniques. And you can experience it either way with Pamper Patrol Spa’s home service massage Mindanao Avenue.

This is pure relaxation and holistic healing right at your own home. And if you want to indulge yourself, Pamper Patrol Spa also offers the ultimate beauty pampering, like body waxing and eyebrow threading home service Quezon City.

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