Having a massage service Quezon City is not only beneficial for you but also for your baby. You can do it on your own or you can have a specially trained massage therapist do it for you.

Many parents rave about the benefits of massaging their babies and are very eager to share their baby home massage Quezon City stories.

What is Baby Massage?

A baby massage is a great way of bonding with your baby and expressing your love. It communicates what words cannot and help babies become calmer and sleep better. It can even make parents feel relaxed and can strengthen their bond with their children.

This type of massage therapy is customized for a baby’s soft body. Just like massages for adults, a baby massage promotes relaxation and a positive feeling. It uses gentle, rhythmic strokes of the hands and can be done using baby oils or moisturizers.

This massage therapy requires knowledge and skills to prevent injuring the soft muscles and bones of infants and is better done with qualified therapists from your home service spa Quezon City. With proper knowledge and training, you can manipulate the ankles, wrists and fingers to promote better range of motion.

And to soothe your baby more, you can talk to him or sing during the massage. This will facilitate a relaxing bonding time for your family.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Aside from facilitating a great bonding session with your baby, a baby massage has quite a number of benefits.

  • It can help your baby develop mentally, socially and physically.
  • It helps them stay relaxed and calm.
  • It soothes them and lessens their crying and fussiness.
  • It helps promote better sleep.

When giving your baby a massage, you may find yourself also enjoying and feeling relaxed. It can improve your mood and make you feel empowered as a parent. Mothers with postnatal depression can benefit greatly from this act.

And for premature babies, a baby massage can help them gain weight by improving digestion and bowel movement. It can also promote a stable brain activity.

A massage has so many benefits that extends to different people, from different ages, sex and work field. It will only take one massage session for you to feel better. And you will surely go back for more. But since home service massage Quezon City is now available, why stress yourself and go to a spa when it can come to you?

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