Being visually impaired does not make a person less of a man, and this has been proven by the opportunities provided by massage service Quezon City where the blind can work just as well as a normal person. While massage therapy does not require a person to see in order to work, the skills needed to succeed in this field can be learned and have already been mastered by countless blind persons, especially over Asia. And many people seeking relief from tension as well as physical and psychological stress even prefer the services of a blind masseuse. This gives disabled persons a wonderful opportunity to earn a living and boost their self-esteem.

Visually Impaired Massage Therapist

In the Philippines, a massage session from a visually impaired person is a popular way of relieving tension and can be seen offered in spas and malls. A short course on massage techniques and styles, usually lasting 3 to 4 months, is offered by the DSWD and some non-government organizations in order for the blind to pass a licensure exam and become highly skilled, licensed therapists.

Many people now prefer the service of a blind masseur over others for these reasons:

  • They are good learners and are highly effective in their mastered skill.
  • Their inability to see enables them to channel their energy through other senses, especially through touch.
  • They are known to feel a person’s flow and energy and are able to transmit energy to others.
  • They are believed to be the authority when it comes to the use of hands, arms, feet and knees without the sense of sight.
  • They can give a sense of privacy because of their inability to see.

Because of these, the service of blind massage therapist home service has become popular all over the country. And it gives customers a sense of giving back when they acquire the service of the visually impaired by giving them a sense of purpose and earning an income for themselves.

The opportunities that massage gives to the blind helps them see that having a disability does not equate to inability and actually gives them the power to triumph over their weakness. It also gives people a wonderful feeling of being able to help our blind fellowmen. So whenever you feel the need relieve tension why not try a blind massage. Do ask the best home service massage Quezon City Pamper Patrol Spa for their available services.

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