Getting a home service massage Quezon City is not only for the purpose of relaxation. Many people are aware of the countless benefits that a massage provides and they subject themselves to this body treatment to get rid of the aches and pains that they feel.

And one of the most common reasons why people get a massage, aside from body pain and muscle stiffness, are migraine headaches. If you don’t know it yet, head massages are quite effective as treatment for migraines.

So, you should find the nearest and best massage spa in Quezon City if you are prone to getting this type of headache.

Head Massage for Migraines

Massages can do more than just relax you and relieve the stress from your body and mind. It can also treat and prevent migraine headaches. How?

Science has already proven the many benefits of massage to humans. And when it comes to migraines, here is what experts say:

  • Massage therapy has been proven to effectively reduce chronic migraines and tension headaches.
  • It eases and relaxes the tense muscles of the neck, jaw, and shoulders, which are usually responsible for headaches.
  • The firm pressure and deep, slow strokes of a massage loosens the tension and strain of muscles, which may be the root cause of migraines.
  • Research has revealed that professional massage can decrease the pain, tension, duration, intensity and frequency of headaches.
  • It also improved sleep for those who suffered from chronic migraines.
  • One study showed how neck massage and spinal manipulation reduce pain even during an active migraine.
  • Another study revealed that applying deep and progressive gliding movement to the head using the fingertips releases sub-occipital muscle spasm, thereby relieving head pain.

No one definitely wants to experience headaches, especially when it leads to chronic migraines. Thankfully, when you do get migraines, massages are available as a natural remedy for it, one without any known side effects and is not invasive. And you can get it through Pamper Patrol Spa, a home service massage near me.

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