If you have heard of prenatal massage, you would probably have heard of postnatal massage. But if you haven’t and you have just given birth, learning about and getting a post partum mobile massage Fairview might just be the thing you need.

Post Partum Massage and Its Benefits

Pregnancy is a very challenging journey. The changes that a woman undergoes, not just with her body but with everything else, is quite hard to accept. But when all is done and the new mother holds her newborn baby in her arms, all the difficulty vanishes and everything becomes worth it.

But did you know there is another way to feel better after the birth of your baby? This is through the postnatal massage that you can enjoy on your next home service massage Fairview. And it comes with many health benefits.

Basically, a postnatal massage is a full body massage that is given to the mother after delivery. The massage starts from the feet and ends with a relaxing massage on the head.

  • Benefits of Postnatal Massage
  • It helps the uterus recover. Massage aids in the natural cleansing process of the uterus and helps bring it back to its prenatal size and form.
  • It helps reduce swelling of tissues and joints. Pregnancy and delivery reduces blood circulation within the body which causes water retention and overall swelling. Through massage, circulation is improved and swelling is significantly reduced.
  • It helps increased milk production. Massage is known to stimulate breast tissue and release oxytocin which is responsible for releasing breast milk.
  • It helps prevent mastitis. Inflammation of breast tissues is fairly common during pregnancy and after delivery. But since massage improves flow of milk, lumps on the breasts loosen and mastitis can be prevented.
  • It helps avoid post partum depression. Massage is one of the most relaxing body treatments that a person can have. While it is normal to experience stress and anxiety during and after pregnancy, massage can help beat stress and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Massages after childbirth has been practiced years before and is even recommended by traditional Ayurvedic wisdom.

And with all the benefits listed above and more, every new mother will definitely want to have this relaxing wellness treatment after all the physical, mental and emotional stress she just underwent.

So, do yourself a favor and get your own post partum home service massage Fairview after giving birth. You can also get a prenatal massage while you’re at it. Just make sure your massage therapist is highly trained for these types of massages.

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