The fast paced life we lead today give us tired aching bodies and feet at the end of the day which make us long for massages and foot spa home service. Going to the spa may not always be possible due to hectic schedules and exhaustion that prevent us from traveling. On top of that, traffic turns worst just when you end your day at the office. This makes home service spa quite in demand.

The Best Foot  Soaks for Tired Feet

Indulging in a foot spa is a great way to relieve your feet from the stresses of everyday activities. And when you work long hours standing, sitting or going from place to place, a foot spa will feel like heaven for your abused lower extremities. The best way to pamper them is to have a mobile spa Quezon City head over to your home for a more comfortable session.

Here’s a list of the best soaks that will relax and invigorate your feet.

  1. Salt Foot Bath

For tired and swollen feet, this foot bath is the perfect match that will release stress and bring energy back. As a hypertonic solution, it will pull out excess water from your inflamed bottoms and will reduce swelling.

  1. Lavender Foot Bath

He lavender plant has amazing benefits to man. One of these is its relaxing and calming property that has been used in alternative medicine for hundreds of year. As a foot soak, it can relax not just the feet but also the body and mind.

  1. Peppermint Soak

Bringing life back to your drained feet can be achieved with the peppermint foot bath. It has an invigorating effect that will replenish your feet’s skin and muscles.

  1. Milk Cure

Milk is not just for body baths. Soaking your tired bases in it will relax and help your tired, dull feet younger looking and fair.

Foot spa treatments are not just an indulgence for your tired feet. It is a need that is sometimes overlooked. A home service foot spa manicure pedicure Quezon City will give the needed revitalizing and will bring life back to your exhausted footsies.

Give your feet some love because they take you to different places. Pamper them once in a while with the best foot baths and best foot spa treatment there is. Get that excellent service at Pamper Patrol Spa. Their trusted and highly qualified therapists will make your feet feel like new. Visit their website today and see the different services available that you can book.