Searching for home service massage or spa therapy can be difficult in a large place like Quezon city. Stories of places offering dubious services with therapist rushing for the “extra service” is common in the city. Finding a spa that offers clean and relaxing massage therapies can be a challenge. A good spa in Quezon has to have the following services.

Massage Therapies

Getting into the stuff that makes a spa great, they should have a repertoire of massage techniques to offer their clients. These are the common services Quezon city massage spas offer.

Swedish Massage

Typically lasts 60 minutes and can be extended depending on the client.  The Swedish massage aims to relax the client with long, almost languid strokes. The long strokes help improve circulation of blood and thus helping oxygen reach oxygen-deprived muscles and wash out the lactic acid build-up.

Thai Massage

Another popular technique in spas. Thai massage uses a sequence of hand manipulation on the body that follows a rhythm. The deep repetitive strokes triggers acupressure points and improve Sen (energy) lines. Coupled with yoga-like stretches, Thai massages leave you limber and energized yet you’ll feel totally relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage

Also known as sports massage. Great for athletes that constantly punish their body through their bodybuilding regimen or games. Deeper strokes are applied to the body and penetrates muscles and other connective tissues. However, this massage can be requested by any client wishing to experience harder pressure. This is also a popular massage home service request as clients often want to sleep in their own bed after the therapy.

Ventosa (Cupping)

You’ve probably heard of this spa service. Ventosa involves using cups with vacuum and attaching them to various energy points in the body. The skin is gently suctioned into the cup and helps break tension and release the energy after the therapy. However, not a lot of spas know how to do Ventosa safely as there are reports of blood clots forming which can be a risk for stroke. Always pick a spa that has certified therapists that know how to administer Ventosa.

Hot Stone Massage

Another popular technique, hot stones are often add-ons to other massages. However, true hot stone massage involves using slick, rounded stones to help ease the tension of the body. Stones are known to be reservoirs of good energy as well as good absorbers of bad energy.

The therapies should be affordable with the option of add-ons for a customized and fuller experience.

Clean and Relaxing Spa

Ambience is very important. When you enter a spa, you should already feel the relaxing atmosphere. However, most spas trick customers by having a dim place which masks the lack of cleanliness especially the bed and linens. Find a spa that has a mellow lighting and visible clean area.

Great Home Service

Some customers prefer inviting therapists into their homes. After a long and relaxing massage, you might want to sleep it off without having to traverse through traffic. Getting stuck in a traffic jam can easily remove the relaxing effects of a good massage. However, you can’t just invite strangers like freelance therapists into your home. They could be dangerous individuals not vetted unlike a spa therapist. Find a good spa in Quezon that has vetted their therapists and their backgrounds checked well.

The Best Spa in Quezon City

So far, the best massage in Quezon city goes to Pamper Patrol Spa. The spa offers a bevy of therapeutic massages and other services that are good for home service as well. They also offer SPArties package where a group of therapists come over and give services to a group of people. It’s a popular request for brides who want to relax with their maid-of-honor and bridesmaids. Look no further in Quezon, Pamper Patrol Spa is there to serve you.