If you are not sure about getting a body wax or shaving to get rid of your body hair, why don’t you try getting a body wax home service Novaliches so you get to experience its benefits firsthand? Most people have probably never tried it as compared to shaving. I’m guessing everyone has had their chance at shaving at least one body part.

There are benefits to these two methods of getting rid of body hair, of course. And they do have their disadvantages, too.

So let us do a comparison between shaving and waxing and see which one comes out the best.

Shaving Versus Waxing Body Hair

Shaving is usually the go-to method of removing unwanted body hair for most people. Of course there’s body waxing as another choice for this purpose. But when it comes to waxing, although body wax home service Quezon City is getting quite popular, many people still tend to get scared. What does waxing really entail?

Here’s what you should know about hair removal through waxing.

  • Waxing removes body or facial hair by applying either soft or hard body waxes onto the skin so that the hair sticks to it and it can be pulled out.
  • It removes dead skin cells and makes skin smoother.
  • It removes hair from the roots, giving long-lasting results. Body hair might also cease to grow with regular waxing.
  • It is more painful compared to shaving and also more expensive.

As compared to waxing, shaving has these advantages and disadvantages.

  • It is a fast and easy way of removing body and facial hair with the use of razors or any other kind of bladed implements.
  • It is cost-effective and can be done anywhere without creating a big mess.
  • It is painless, but puts you at risk of getting cuts from using a blade.
  • It can leave ingrown hairs.
  • Repetitive use of razors can leave red or dark spots.
  • After shaving the hair tends to appear faster and the skin drier.

After knowing these, which will you choose? Shaving or waxing?

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