There are a lot of spas that offer services like home service massage in project 8. Massages have always been popular to Filipinos especially to the working class of Quezon city. After a tiring day at work, one just wants to relax at the hands of an expert therapist.

Spa or Home Service?

You can get the services of a spa or opt to have a home service instead. However, which one is better for you? Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Spa Service

Walking inside a spa is a whole experience in itself. A typical spa in Quezon city will try to wow you with the ambiance once you walk in. Oftentimes, they’ll have mellow lighting and their signature scent in the air mixed with peaceful tunes. There are other benefits that you can enjoy while inside a spa.

1. Getting the Right Massage

You can easily switch to a massage that you’d like instead of being limited to a few choices.

2. Optional tools for the Service

Some spas will offer the following value-added services:

  • Hot stones
  • Ventosa cups
  • Choice of oils
  • Hot drinks like tea, kalamansi, lemon and more
  • Ear candling

If you’re in the spa, you can add the above at any time.

Spa Disadvantages

One of the compelling disadvantages of getting a service in a spa is the traffic going to and from the spa. You’d have to wrestle with cars on the road and Quezon city is known for jams during peak hours. Another would be relaxation after the massage. Sometimes you just want to sleep after a good massage, unfortunately, you have to vacate the bed for the next customer.

Home Service Massage

Home service massage in Quezon City is another option given by spas. There are many benefits to getting one.

Home Service Advantages

1. Avoiding Traffic

You don’t have to worry about traffic as the therapist will be the one to go to your home or hotel.

2. Sleeping After

Of course, since it’s your home, you get to sleep after the massage. It’s an added luxury that is well worth your money.

3. Cleanliness and Privacy

You’re assured that everything is clean and private because it’s your own home.

Disadvantages of Home Service

A mobile massage service in Fairview, Quezon City does have compelling benefits. However, there are some disadvantages too.

1. No Value-added Services

You can’t choose other services like a choice of oils, therapeutic devices like hot stones and more.

2. Added Costs

Since the therapist will have to travel to your home and back to the spa, an additional charge will be levied at you to recoup the costs.

3. Security

Oftentimes, people turn to freelance therapists for home massages. This is to be dissuaded unless if the customer knows the person they’re talking to. Get a spa affiliated therapist instead as they’re usually vetted.

Where to Get Spa or Home Service?

If you want to avoid most of the disadvantages listed for both types of services above, choose a spa in Quezon with a good reputation. In fact, you can check out one of the best spas via their website. Pamper Patrol Spa offers quality spa and home service. They have a catalog online on the types of massages, spa packages and value-added services they offer. You can also book an appointment in advance, check them out now.