When people decide on their very first home service massage Commonwealth from spas like Pamper Patrol Spa, most would usually choose the Swedish massage. This type of massage has the primary goal of relaxing the entire body through long gliding strokes.

But while the Swedish massage is quite popular for relaxation, along with its other health benefits, there are some people who would choose to experience Thai massage from their favorite mobile massage Commonwealth. This type of massage is also popular, but many know it only by name and have never experience it.

For those who have heard about Thai massage but never got to try it yet, here’s what to expect from the procedure.

  • What to Expect for Your First Thai Massage Experience

– Thai massage is mainly done on a mat on the floor.

– You don’t need to undress during the massage but should wear comfortable clothes, and the therapist does not make use of oils or lotions.

– The therapist will tell you what to do, then stretches and manipulates your body into different positions using her hands, knees, feet, and legs.

– Muscle compression, acupuncture, and joint mobility are also incorporated into the massage.

– it is more stimulating and vigorous compared to other massage types.

– It can last for 60 minutes or as long as 2 hours

The steps may not be as smooth and may not look as relaxing as that of Swedish massage, but you will definitely love the effects when your home service massage Commonwealth Quezon City session comes to an end.

You have to understand that unlike other massage types, Thai massage is based on the belief that tight muscles impede the flow of energy within the body. When this happens, energy becomes immobile causing stiffness which leads to discomfort and pain.

To get rid of such symptoms and improve the body’s condition, Thai massage makes use of stretches and rocking motions. This is why they call it the “Lazy Yoga”, since the massage therapist manipulates the body into certain positions to support flexibility, improve circulation and alleviate pain.

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