Massage is one wellness treatment that many seek in order to relax and get rid of the stresses in life. More comfortably so when it is done by your massage therapist home service right at your most convenient place. But these are actually just the added bonus of getting a massage. The therapeutic benefits it provide should be the main reason for having a massage in the first place.

What is quite unfortunate with a massage, however, is the fact that there are home service spa Quezon City with incompetent massage therapists offering therapeutic massage. And when you are unlucky enough to get their services, then you are in for a terrible experience and end up with more harm than the good you are expecting.

What are the effects of having an improper massage technique done to you? Be aware and read on to find out before having a massage at home near me.

Effects of a Wrongly Done Massage Therapy

Relaxation, rejuvenation and a whole lot of positive health effects are just some of the benefits of having a massage. Unfortunately, when you experience one that is improperly done, with the wrong techniques by an unqualified therapist, then you get a number of negative consequences.

Here are some of the harmful effects of getting the wrong massage that you should learn about, not to scare you but to educate you on having only the best massage from a reputable home service spa in Project 5, Quezon City like Pamper Patrol Spa.

  1. Nerve Damage. As nerves can only take light pressure, massaging “endangerment sites” where nerves are more exposed, such as the throat and its sides, should be carefully done. Too much pressure, especially when focused on one site, can cause trauma not only to muscles and tissues , but also the the nerves.
  2. Bruises and Soreness. There are different levels of pressure that a body can take, which is why there is light, moderate and hard pressure choices in massage. It is important to ask clients which type they prefer and can take before delivering the massage. When too much pressure is applied, it can result to bruising and soreness of the muscles.
  3. Injuries or Aggravation of Existing Ones. Massage that is poorly done on areas where injuries are present can definitely aggravate the condition, or may even cause new ones on other areas.

To avoid these harmful effects, you should only have your massage from a reliable therapist with appropriate knowledge and skills to deliver an effective and safe massage therapy.

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