Even with the influx of many modern and western wellness treatment services in the Philippines, the Filipinos still won’t leave behind the numerous traditional ways that we have grown with. And one of these is the famous Philippine hilot, which most people equates to the massage. Even the youngest generation of Pinoys have had their taste of this classic massage early in life. But would you have it now for your next home service massage Tandang Sora?

When you get your hilot service from modern spas, don’t be surprised to see a professional massage therapist home service give it to you. If you are used to seeing the typical “manghihilot”, usually characterized as someone elderly who uses leaves and other herbs for healing your aches and pains through body manipulation, you would definitely be skeptical of the therapist.

But, don’t fret. They may not look the part, but professional massage therapists are trained to give you the hilot you know and are familiar with. Just like how they are trained with other home massage QC types, especially the therapists at Pamper Patrol Spa.

But what is the hilot really all about?

  • It is a healing practice used by Philippine ancestors long before the Spaniards came to the country.
  • It can be likened to the massage in that both these practices use the sense of touch.
  • Hilot is significantly different from massage because it is a practice aimed at healing body problems while massage is mainly sought for its relaxation benefits.
  • Hilot follows basic natural principles and is customized towards the client’s healing needs.
  • It can be painful but, if done properly, it assures relief from the problem soon thereafter.
  • The practice of hilot can be seen in problems such as sprains, broken bones, imbalances in the body and even in childbirth.

Ever since hilot was put into practice, Filipinos swear by its effectiveness. This is why up until now, even with more modern treatments and practices, the hilot still remains a favorite when it comes to home service massage QC.

So would you give hilot a try when you schedule your next home massage?

If you are still skeptical, visit or call Pamper Patrol Spa and get answers to your queries. Then schedule your appointment and be relieved of your body pains through the traditional hilot.