Many people take the color of their nails into careful consideration when having their manicure and pedicure home service. If you are tired of the usual French tips, nudes, and clear, transparent nail polish, get yourself something new. Go for that rare metallic or neon colors once in a while.

When trying out a home service spa Quezon City, it is even harder to choose your new nail color since you can’t see the many available little bottles of lacquer that your spa service has. You can always make use of your own nail polish. But if you get tired of the colors you have, here’s a list of the latest must-have colors to get on your next nail pampering session.

  • Hottest nail polish colors according to pros

Mermaids and Seas

The greens and blues of the water plus a little glitter and sparkle is a fun color combination to have on your nails. It will give you that summery mermaid vibe that is quite the trend today.

Blue Hues

Monochromatic looks are in. And blues have always been a favorite attraction for nails. Get this theme for yourself and remember to have a lighter shade on your fingers and darker ones for your toes if you don’t want the exact same color on your hands and feet.

Complementary Combos

Check the color wheel for the most complementary colors when choosing the best shades for your nails. Red and green or blue and orange complement each other really well, but most would go for the purple and yellow match up.

The Classics

Nude or tan and red colors give you that classy, elegant look. These ones never go out of style. And it can be your go-to look when you’re going out for a special event or occasion.

Whatever the color you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it, it fits your personality and it looks good on you. Your mani pedi home service technician must be well trained and knowledgeable on these aspects so they can help you out and offer the best advices when needed.

You can now have the best manicure and pedicure services at the comfort of your own home with the home service spas. But it is a must to choose the spa with the most skillful and highly trained technicians. At Pamper Patrol Spa, you get your money’s worth and more. They have the best therapists for superior customer service. Check them out and book your next nail session with them.