Everyone is in love with the home massage Quezon City services that are available today. Who wouldn’t? When we are all living in a fast-paced world with hectic schedules and an often jam-packed highway and transportation. These all contributes to a stressful day which leads us to long for a pampering session at our favorite spa and indulge in a holistically therapeutic relaxation therapy.

Unfortunately, we can’t always go to a spa. Some may lack time and some don’t want to go and face the stressful world outside of home.

Luckily for us, we now have a home service spa Quezon City which gives us our favorite massage services right at the comfort of our homes. But how did we end up having these services?

Massage from East to West

The earliest records of massage therapy date back to thousands of years ago in ancient civilizations of China and Egypt. There were Chinese publications that mention massage as a medical treatment and Egyptian tomb paintings showing massage therapy in medical tradition found in as early as 2700 BC.

India also show evidence of having massage therapy which may have started at 3000 BC or even earlier. This is where Ayurvedic massage originated from.

In the early 1800s, the Swedish massage technique was developed which is regarded as the foundation of the most commonly used massage form in the West. Now, the Swedish and Japanese massage Shiatsu, are the most frequently used forms in the western hemisphere.

Today’s Massage Techniques

The history of massage is quite impressive considering its origins from thousands of years ago. This is why many techniques in massage have been developed and are continuing to evolve and improve with time, such as the spa and massage Quezon City.

Here are some of the techniques in massage that we love today.

Swedish Massage

Thai Massage


Hot Stone


Deep Tissue

And there are more that many have not experienced or even heard of. But what we’re thankful for is the transition of massage from spas into our homes. With the great amount of stress we experience everyday, we can’t afford to experience more on our way to the spa. And that’s why we have the best home service massage Quezon City from Pamper Patrol Spa that we enjoy now.