Places that offer spa and home service massage in Commonwealth, Quezon City are aplenty. It just seems that people there enjoy the therapeutic effects of massages. Some people like to go to a spa while others would like to have it in their homes. What are the benefits of each therapy service?

Spa or Home Service?

Both offer the same therapeutic effects of massages. However, the accompanying perks mean a lot for customers. It may be an issue of preference, however, there are real benefits that come with your chosen place of therapy.

Spa Service Perks

Spa service just means having your therapy session in the institution itself. Spas accept walk-in clients or reservations. Entering through the door, you will be transported to another world. It all depends on how a spa is able to provide a temporary escape from the rigors of the world.


Perhaps the first thing one notices when they walk into a spa is the ambiance. The atmosphere is supposed to be relaxing for first-time and returning customers. Spas try to use mellow lighting to help relax the eyes of clients. Peaceful sounds permeate the place from melodic gongs to harmonious shrills of nature. Finally, spas make an effort to perfuse the air with relaxing aromas. Potpourris of fruity herbal scents help lower your tension. Truly, spas try to relax your sense of sight, hearing, and smell. As for touch, that comes later.

Able Staff at Ready

Another perk of entering a spa is seeing the staff catering to your needs. You can request your favorite therapist and maybe see other therapists depending on your preference.

Tools within Reach

You may be hankering for a Swedish massage once you get in but then you’d like to get a hot stone massage. Being in a spa gives you a lot of choices for your therapy session.

Home Service Massage

Home service massage in Commonwealth is also another requested therapy service. Typically, one calls a massage place for a therapist to come over to their home or hotel for a therapy session.

Massage Convenience

The number one perk is convenience. You don’t have to wait in line in a spa for your favorite therapy. You might be sacrificing the ambiance, but most clients are often comfortable in their own homes. You also get to use your own linens and wash off in your own bathroom afterward.


Once the therapy is over, you get to sleep immediately in your own bed to maximize your relaxation. You don’t have to worry if you snore in your own house after the therapy.

Avoiding Traffic

The immediate buzzkill to a spa massage is traffic. Just imagine spending an hour or two relaxing and then getting stuck in traffic for 4 to 5 hours trying to get home. That’s why people often request what’s also known as mobile massage in Commonwealth. Especially in Quezon city where traffic is commonplace.

Getting the Best Home Service in Quezon City

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