Home service spa-quality massages are sought after by client regulars in Quezon city. The bustling city is a hotspot of economic activity with more Filipinos working and stress can go high. To manage stress levels, people go to spas for relaxing massages. Some ask for home service to enjoy the massage in the comfort of their home or hotel room. There are some safety issues with both, and these are tips so you can enjoy both types of massages without any problems.

Safety Tips for Massages

Spa Services

Locating a 24-hour spa in Quezon city is easy enough. There are now many spas found nearby. These are safety tips to make your massage enjoyable.

1. Transportation

Scout the spa first if there are any parking spaces. One of the frustrations in getting a massage in a spa is having to hunt for a place to park your car. You can call the spa in advance and ask if there are vacant parking lots nearby and it should be visible from the door. Or you can leave your car and use public transportation, taxis or rideshare.

2. Valuables

Chances are, you will be stripping to your undies inside the spa. Secure your valuables in an easy to spot a bag or purse that can be sealed tightly. Don’t just leave your wallet, keys, and phone in your pockets. Spas are often dark, and you might end up leaving your items behind.

3. Safety

Your body should be able to withstand the massage. Most people don’t check their blood pressures before a massage. It’s true that massages can lower blood pressure, but some manipulation and techniques can cause your blood pressure to spike for a brief period. Always have your baseline blood pressure checked daily and avoid asking for massage techniques that involved too much bending and stretching.

Home Service Massages

Massages at the comfort of your own home eliminate some of the problems mentioned above. A 24-hours massage spa in Quezon city will offer home service massage especially if it’s already 11 pm.

1. Therapists

Make sure that the therapist you’re getting is someone you’re familiar with. Contact the official number of the spa and ask for the details of the therapist that’s coming over to your home. The therapist should have his ID with him. There have been cases when a therapist can’t make it and would ask a friend freelance masseur to service you instead. This should be avoided.

2. Valuables

You still need to be careful with valuables inside your home or hotel. It’s highly unlikely that a therapist can carry heavier items. However, smaller ones like pieces of jewelry and gadgets will be a target. Eliminate this security threat by always dealing with a spa therapist and avoid freelance masseurs.

3. Security

Another problem with unlicensed therapies and freelance masseurs is security. You can improve your security by following these steps:

  • Always have someone else in your home.
  • Inform a friend or someone you trust that you’re inviting a therapist over.
  • Take a picture of his or her ID and send it to a friend.
  • Once the therapist has arrived, call a friend, and make it a point that the therapist hears your conversation.
  • Keep emergency numbers on speed dial.
  • Leave the door of your room unlocked.

These might seem overkill for you, but it can save your life if something untoward happens.

Reliable Spa with Safe Home Service

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