So, which is better, a home service massage in Quezon City or a traditional spa massage? Massage is a wonder treat to the body. Some say it’s a luxury, but studies have shown that the human touch is a powerful form of therapy that can improve health by washing away stress. Various techniques have been created in several countries over the course of history. Modern massage however is a mix of traditional massage and modern therapeutic techniques. Quezon City has dozens of spas and licensed therapists that perform home and spa massages. But the question is, which one is better? A home massage or a traditional spa massage?

Home Versus Spa

There’s no questioning the benefits of massages. They’ve been studied extensively and reported all over the world. However, is there a difference when you get a massage at home versus getting a massage in a spa.

Traditional Spa Massages

Talking about spas in Quezon city, there are certain benefits or advantages to the setup. Spas often have a lot of paraphernalia or equipment which can aid in stress reduction. There’s the ambiance, the free aromatherapy, foot baths, saunas and more. You can be pampered in a spa and sometimes you also have a chance to upgrade the service. You can order a different kind of oil, get free complimentary hot drinks, a new therapist and more.

Then there’re the disadvantages. After your session, you won’t have time to relax because you need to go home. Privacy is also a cause of concern because there will be other people milling about. Sometimes when you go home, traffic erases most of the warm feeling you get after a good massage.

Home Service Therapy

Another form of spa service is the massage home service. Quezon city spas have offering home service massage for people that would like privacy and to relax after a wonderful massage. Just imagine having your muscles stretched, all you just want to do is sleep afterwards. If you’re already in your house, you can just snore on your bed all you want after a nice massage.

Unfortunately, some spas charge a little bit more for home service. You also can’t get a new therapist if you don’t like the one who came into your house. That’s not counting the lack of relaxing equipment that’s usually found in spas.

Thankfully, there are mobile spas that eliminate the disadvantages of home service massages. Pamper Patrol Spa in Quezon City offers the best home massage with their licensed and trained therapists, so you don’t have to worry about changing therapists. There are affordable packages for you to choose from so you can have relaxing massages as often as you want.