Facials, foot spas, manicures and pedicures, and the most frequently requested massage will never leave the list of services in spas, but there are new trending services that you can ask about in places of spa and massage in Quezon City. Some spas have improved and advanced their services to include some innovative and unexpected ways to rejuvenate, pamper, relax and leave guests feeling great.

New Spa Treatments To Try Out

No one will ever get tired of booking a home service massage QC, but if you want to try something new on your next pampering session, why not book yourself one of these services that are sweeping the world of spa treatments.

  • Chakra Treatments

Chakra, or spinning “wheels of energy” along the spine, is a yogic tradition that has been updated in today’s spa treatments. This fairly new service extends to as long as whole week where a specific chakra is addressed each day. The program includes teas, meals, talks and treatments that are quite surprising, take sitting over burning incense for instance.

  • Aerial Yoga

With the use of a silk fabric wrapped around the body, clients can experience flying by hanging from their lower back or hips. This allows gravity to stretch the body in different directions producing the believed benefits of improved circulation and health.

  • Starlight Massages

If a massage at home near me is not enough, there are starlight massages being offered today. It aims to channel the healing energy of the moon and the stars, and also makes for a potential romantic couple therapy session. Some spas even offer this service outdoors under the moon, with a candle light and rose petals.

  • Salt Therapy

The Himalayan sea salt has gotten quite popular not just for its use in the kitchen but as an architectural piece, as well. And now, it is used as walls in spas where clients can lounge and absorb the negative ions it releases causing a decrease in inflammation and improvement in mood.

  • Cryotherapy

Freezing yourself may be a bit too much for some, but others believe in its power to improve metabolism, reduce cellulite, loosen muscle, provide a jolt of energy, and promote youthfulness. Each therapy session lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and focuses on athletic performance and recovery.

Ways to revitalize your body and restore energy are always being improved and updated. And the latest treatments will soon come to a spa near you. While these treatments are very tempting, a good old massage will never fail to satisfy. And when done at home, you can maximize its benefits. So don’t stress yourself and book your home service massage with Pamper Patrol Spa now. Check out them out and get that much needed appointment today.