Home service massage Quezon City is becoming extremely popular these days. Having a massage at your convenience and at the comfort of your own home is an indulgence that many want to experience. Furthermore, this fast-paced world we live in today makes it hard for us to take time out to go to the spa and have that much needed massage. This makes home massage an ideal and very in-demand alternative to pampering your body.

FAQS on Home Service Massage

  • How and when should I book or schedule my home service massage QC?

Booking your massage therapy can be done on the phone or through scheduling online on the spa’s official website. You can book days in advance or if you are lucky enough and the spa has a free therapist, you can schedule your massage therapy in as short as one hour. But it is recommended that you schedule at least a day in advance so the spa can accommodate your requests better.

  • What do I need to prepare for my massage therapy at home?

The therapist usually brings a portable massage table for the session as well as massage oils or lotions and towels. You will only need to provide space for the table to be set-up. And if you want, you can tell the therapist to use your personal oils or lotions and towels during the therapy.

  • Can my family be around during the session?

Of course, this is up to you as the client. You have to communicate your preference to your therapist, from the setting, lighting, sounds and everything else. If the people around and the noise won’t bother you during your massage, then it’s absolutely okay.

  • How long does the massage last?

The duration depends on the type of massage you booked. Usually, it lasts for an hour, plus the time it takes to set everything up.

  • How do I pay for the service?

This depends on the home service spa Quezon City you booked with. Others would require you to pay in advance during your booking, while others leave you to pay with the therapist. Don’t forget to give a generous tip!

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