Ventosa massage or cupping therapy has recently become popular with celebrities, so why not try it out on your next home massage Quezon City, as well? Although, this massage style is not new and has actually been around for centuries, it has been modified and became trending in the world of fashion and movies. Feel like a star with this treatment and reap amazing benefits.

What is Ventosa Massage?

Stress and its related health conditions are quite prevalent today. It may be due to the way of life we live and the many pressures we are exposed to. Because of this, alternative ways of achieving optimum health and wellness are being sought. And massage is a popular reprieve from these strains, especially home service spa Quezon City.

Ventosa massage is one technique of touch and pressure therapy that has been around for ages. Ancient Chinese and Egyptians have used it in their medical practices for many health conditions and the benefits have been proven by certain studies and researches.

It is a type of deep tissue massage which can be done as home service massage QC that uses special cups placed on your skin. The effect of this technique expands capillaries and increases the fluid entering and leaving the tissues.

  • The Procedure:
  • Alcohol and certain herbs are placed inside the cup and put on fire.
  • As the fire dies, the cup is placed upside down on your skin.
  • When the hot air cools down, it creates a vacuum inside the cup sucking your skin and causing it to rise.
  • The cups usually stay in place for 3 minutes and is done with acupuncture for best results.
  • The Benefits:
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Wellness and relaxation

Cupping therapy is also believed to remove toxins from the body and improve digestion.

This massage technique is sometimes mistaken as the same with hot stone massage. Although these two styles make use of certain materials as an extension of the therapist’s hands, they are completely different styles.

It is not clear why Ventosa massage and the best home service massage Quezon City became a trend with movie stars, athletes and other famous personalities. But it is clear that this type of massage has so many benefits that anyone can acquire.

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