If you’ve never had a home service massage therapy Quezon City, then you’re probably wondering what difference it has compared to the usual spa massage. Mind you, it gives all the benefits of a spa massage plus more.

Home Service Massage

Almost everyone knows how effective having a massage is when it comes to relaxation. Most people would schedule their massage at the end of the day and go home feeling relaxed and revitalized. Others get the full spa package during weekends for that most sought after pampering. But what about scheduling a stress-free 24 hour home service massage Quezon City, where you’ll just have to sit and wait for your therapist at home?

This service is a bit new but people are quick to jump on it because they claim it’s the best massage experience they ever had. Why, you ask?

  • Home service massage does not require you to leave your home, face traffic and pollution, just to get to the spa, and face it all again on your way home.
  • You don’t have to worry about what to wear and dress up on your way to the spa.
  • It is quite convenient for persons with disabilities and pregnant women who find it hard to travel.
  • You get to prolong the effects of a massage when you’re at home because you can schedule it right before your bedtime.

These plus all the health benefits of a massage are what make people prefer home service spa Novaliches. Now, what do you expect during this session at home?

What Happens During an In-house Massage?

A home service massage is just like a regular massage at the spa, except for the fact that it’s done in your home. If you’re new to this experience, here’s what you should expect on your first session:

  • The massage therapist usually brings a table and sets it up in your home before the massage.
  • Your therapist then leaves you with instructions to undress and lie on your stomach on the table.
  • She drapes you with a cloth and your massage therapy begins, usually with soft music playing in the background.

It’s really not that much different from a massage at the spa, just that it’s done where you are most comfortable at: your home. So, if you want to experience this kind of relaxation and enjoy some more benefits just book your home massage with Pamper Patrol Spa. Their courteous and highly skilled therapists will be glad to render their expert services. Visit Pamper Patrol Spa now to learn more.