More and more people are now getting the massages that they’ve always wanted. Thanks to the home service massage Fairview that spa centers like Pamper Patrol Spa offer. With this type of service, people can just sit back and relax at home, waiting for their scheduled massage and massage therapist to come at the expected time.

And thanks to home service massage, more couples can enjoy an intimate bonding session together right at the comfort of their own home. They can easily get a massage when their schedule permits it. No more excuses!

But what does a couples massage entail?

All About Couples Massage

Technically, a couples massage is a side by side massage shared with a significant other or even with a best friend. Two therapists work together at the same time giving both clients the opportunity of a special bonding time. That is how couples massage is defined. But it does offer more than that.

  • Benefits of a Couples Massage

– it allows two people to relax together and get rid of mutual tensions and release personal stresses.

– it provides the opportunity for couples to unwind and be comfortable in the presence of each other.

– It gives them the chance to enjoy each other’s company and value their presence even without doing anything.

These, plus the established benefits that a home service massage Project 8 provides, make a couples massage the perfect gift you can give to your partner. Or maybe to your BFF, mother, sister, or anyone that is special to you. It is not limited to couples like spouses or boyfriend and girlfriend.

But for first timers to a couples massage, what can be expected from this service?

  • During a couples massage, two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists.
  • Each person’s massage is customized for his or her own needs and wants, and would usually last for an hour.
  • The couple will be left alone to disrobe and lie down before the massage begins.

There is really not much difference between a couples massage and a solo one, except that you have your partner or someone else with you.

Take note, though, that talking between couples is allowed but not recommended.

If you aren’t sure about couples massage yet, you can simply ask from your home service massage Tandang Sora, Pamper Patrol Spa.

And check out the services that this excellent spa center provides. Visit Pamper Patrol Spa today!