Cupping therapy from your favorite home service spa, Pamper Patrol Spa, may not be the most popular type of massage. It may be due to the fact that its technique is not your usual massage type and many find it strange, even scary. However, its proven benefits will make up for its lack of popularity.

But who can benefit from this type of massage and what can people get from it?

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

The ancient art of cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine that has been in use by civilizations such as Egyptians and Chinese since 1550 B.C. This massage type uses special cups to create suction on the skin and is believed to improve blood flow, as well as create other therapeutic effects.

And what are these positive effects that make people want to try cupping therapy through home service massage Quezon City now? Here are some benefits that have been proven by science.

  1. It gets rid of weakness in the body. Weakness is a result of illness or malnutrition that when left untreated can have serious effects on a person. With cupping therapy, the blood vessels and nerves are stimulated, releasing blood to the body parts that need it most.
  2. It treats fever. Fever has been believed by ancient people as caused by bad blood, which they remove through cupping therapy. Today, research has shown that cupping drives out the negative factors that cause pain and disturbance in the balance of the body, thus curing fever.
  3. It can fight skin diseases. Acne, herpes, boils and abscesses are some of the skin conditions that studies show can be helped by cupping therapy. These blood-related diseases are treated by creating lymph fluids through cupping. And these fluids fight off the bacteria and other pathogens responsible for the illness.
  4. It is beneficial to the nervous system. A healthy nervous system has nerves that communicate effectively with each other. When this communication is disrupted, psychological diseases occur. Cupping therapy can help improve the function of the nervous system by eliminating congestion in the brain thereby helping transmit signals to other parts of the body.

Science has proven these important benefits of cupping therapy to the body. And anyone can receive such benefits. More importantly, they can receive it through home service massage Project 8 offered by Pamper Patrol Spa.

Just visit Pamper Patrol Spa today to see what kind of cupping therapy they can suggest for whatever needs you have. And see the other services they have, too. Visit their website or contact them now.