The popularity of massage therapy is booming nowadays, and getting this pampering from a massage therapist home service is an experience that many gave two thumbs up to. The satisfaction that most clients of home service massage claim made others want to join the bandwagon of utmost relaxation and wellness at home. And this trend in spa services shows no signs of waning, albeit the demand for it is just on the rise.

The Right Massage Therapy

For those who have yet to experience the benefits of home service massage Quezon City, choosing the right type may be confusing. The types of massage are numerous, and the techniques used in each of these types are not for everyone. As a first time massage client, you should know what your body needs and communicate it to the therapist in order to know which types of massage to recommend. But it is even better if you, yourself know the type of massage you need.

Types of Massage

With a wide variety of massage styles to choose from, finding the one your body needs most is a challenge. Massage styles include Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue massage and more. These techniques fall into two general categories: the Spa Massage and the Clinical Massage.

Let’s know more about these two branches of massage and soon find the one that’s best for you.

  • Spa Massage

Spa massages, the more popular between the two, are usually focused on giving reprieve from daily toils, with the benefits of emotional relief, stress release, and physical relaxation. Most people would consider it as pampering or an indulgence. Usually done in spas, it is most commonly done with a combination of body scrubs, facials, foot spas and a mani-pedi home service.

  • Clinical Massage

Also known as Medical or Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Massage is the much lesser known among the two types. Most people would think of massage as a form of relaxation. With the clinical massage, however, the goals vary from pain relief, range of motion improvement, decrease in fluid retention, posture alignment, and more. The sessions are usually recommended by a doctor and are short in duration

If your goal is to get rid of the pains of injuries and improve certain physical conditions, then the Clinical Massage is for you. For relief from daily tension and to feel more relaxed and revitalized, then go for the Spa Massage.

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