Everyone wants a piece of relaxation and healing in both body and mind and that is what your favorite home massage Quezon City, Pamper Patrol Spa, aims to deliver. Massage has been around for ages. While it is considered an alternative form of medicine today, ancient medical practitioners use massage as a primary method for healing, along with numerous natural medicines.

Let’s learn about the ancient method of massage and see what difference it has with the massage we enjoy today.

The History of Massage

Massage goes back to ancient times thousands of years ago with the first written records found in China and Egypt. It is believed to have medical benefits and was applied in almost all medical conditions.

Although we have home service massage Quezon City today, ancient doctors often visit the sick to perform massage treatments on them.

Here’s a timeline of massage therapy as evidenced by discovered records starting from ancient years  before Christ.

2700 BCE China: “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine”

This Chinese text became a staple in massage therapy training and is often used to teach other
forms of alternative medicine such as acupuncture.

2500 BCE Egypt: Egyptian tomb paintings show massage in medical practice

The Egyptians are known to pioneer reflexology and their studies influence the Greeks and
Romans as well as other cultures.

1500 and 500 BCE India: Written massage therapy tradition of Ayurvedic medicine

This practice may have originated as early as 3000 BCE or even earlier. The Ayurvedic tradition is the art of healing touch and is regarded as the basis of holistic medicine.

The discoveries of these records during ancient times prove that the practice of using touch as a healing method has age-old roots. The earliest civilizations learned that massage can treat and heal injuries, relieve pain, and prevent and cure illnesses. It also helped reduce stress and promote deep relaxation, just like what you get from the best home service massage Quezon City, Pamper Patrol Spa.

From these early records, the history of massage evolved and moved into the West. And now, we have it all over the world and it has given us the home service spa Quezon City.

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